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Flying UFO
Chris Murphy Is From Outer Space!

Wall o Fire

It's true! You'll never guess how much!

Big Slimy Alien

Okay, so what is all this about? Well there's this guy called Chris Murphy and he's a threat to humanity because he's an eyeball munching, graphic design monster from the third moon of Moncton IV. He keeps a website here. This is his secret lair where he mixes up salt encrusted milkshakes, reminisciences about the good old days of the Galactic Civil War, and plots the destruction of planet Earth. Do not be fooled by his happy go lucky nature. He's as harmless as a clown and you know how evil clowns are. Ask Keir. He's an expert. Stay back from him and if he attacks RUN!

More will follow if I survive Colour Theory.....

Well, I survived Colour Theory alright. In fact, I almost had fun. But seriously, more news about the monster we all know and recognise as Chris Murphy...

Chris now has a goatee which is just a cover for his recent surgery where he had a small camera installed. Now he can send live transmissions back to his interstellar base to enterain his alien cronies. He also sends the images to a small copy shop in Newark where bored technicians write nasty notes to each other on the printouts. Also, a team of experts have discovered that Chris's clumsy accidents have a more deeper, sinister purpose than releasing natural pain-blocking endorphins : they are elaborate insults designed to cause depression in bystanders who witness them.

Important Links

The University College of the Fraser Valley: where the alien Chris Murphy goes to school
Chris Murphy's Website: the website of the alien being himself
Snowraven's Sci-Fi Page: the people who brought you this quality site

alien mouth

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