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Corrosive ChiWahWah's Links
Font Links

Font Freak - Lots of useful free fonts

Larabie Fonts - The funkiest of fonts!

Giedi Prime Fonts - Wide selection of weird fonts.

Icon Links

Iconfactory - Free quality Mac icons.

Leo's Icon Archive - Massive collection of free icons and images.

Humour Links

You Can't Do That On Star Trek - The largest collection of retouched Star Trek photos around. Very, very funny. - An Archive of misheard lyrics.

Postcard & Mail Links

Electronic Postcards - For all your postcard needs.

Bono the Cat's Postcards - Humourous cat postcards.

Sacbee Mail-o-Matic Insults - Bizarre multiple choice insult sender.

Monty Python's Official Abuse Sender - Insult your friends Python style.